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Learn to read and speak the language of Aklan

Aklanon tutorial notesThis Aklanon website is the byproduct of an ongoing tutorial teaching the language of Aklan. The database that drives this site began as a storage container for weekly tutorial notes. At the time of this writing there were two primary authors, the tutor and the student; the latter being responsible mainly for the development, structure and functionality of the website and the prior for the majority of the content.

Alan Warren Born at a very early age in Manchester, England, the student was the first born son of four to working class parents. Alan was schooled and raised in Whyalla, South Australia to where he was migrated at the age of eight. Some forty years later he moved to the Philippines and settled in the town of Banga in the province of Aklan. He enjoys among other things, drinking beer, floating in the ocean, watching crowds, walking and the challenge of learning new languages for coding and conversing. Aklanon is without a doubt the most difficult language he has attempted to learn.

Honelyn Wacan A daughter of Lapnag, Aklan, Philippines, and of pure Aklanon descent, this tutor divided her early education between the Lapnag Primary School and Sigcay Elementary, later completing her high school and college education at the Banga campus of the Aklan State University , from where she graduated with a B.S.Ed. Honelyn is currently a full time teacher at the Agbanawan Elementary School and attains personal satisfaction at the annual graduation of her students. An active participant in Aklanon arts and cultural events, she enjoys good food, travel, catching up with friends, surfing the internet, dancing and laughter.

Renz Rario Working his way through college, pursuing a degree in education at Aklan State Univeristy, a man of diverse talent and eclectic background. Native of Lapnag, Aklan, Philippines , a scholar of the Aklan State University Drum and Lyre Corps (ASUDLC) in training as a traditional Aklanon drummer representing his school at various events in and around Aklan. In his spare time he works as a carpenters assistant and also harvests ambo-eong a local reed from which he makes and sells roof thatchings for nippa huts. He enjoys maintaining and riding his own motorcyle, raising game fowl for fighting, is a fierce competitor at baseball, has a desire to travel, enjoys life and want's to make a difference. Renz Rario teaches Aklanon as a means to funding his own education and bettering his command of the English language.

About Aklanon - A tutorial teaching the language of Aklan

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