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Learn to read and speak the language of Aklan

Akeanon (Aklanon)

The native language of Aklan, spoken by more than half a million residents of Panay, an island in the Visayas group of islands, situated in the central Philippines, the largest of which is Panay.


The mother language of the Western Visayas propagated by ten Bornean Datus, who according to legend, migrated to the Pilipinas archipelago in the 13th century and acquired Panay island from Ati chief Marikudo, for a golden salakot (ornamental headgear) and a long pearl necklace that reached the ground.


A derivative form of Kinaray-a, adapted by Chinese merchants of Iloilo, which permeated most of Panay, with the exception of the north western sector of the island.

A recent phenonemon in the development of Philippine literature is the emergence of new writing in West Visayas. This is three-fold: written literature in Kinaray-a, Aklanon and a brand of Filipino laced with Visayan words.
Leoncio P Deriada, University of the Philippines-Visayas, Iloilo.


Legend has it that a former king of Aklan, Datu Bangkaya, a Bornean immigrant with a phonemic disorder, is the one who should be accredited with the corruption of Kinaray-a into the language known as Akeanon.

Akeanon - Learn to read and speak the language of Aklan

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